Can i recover lost wages in my personal injury case?

The injured victim is suffering from intense physical pain and mental distress due to the accident. If you file a compensation claim because of another party's negligence, you need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer to calculate the value of your lost wages, as well as the rest of your claim, and negotiate your settlement with the insurance company. Jack Bernstein Injury Lawyers is a specialized personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in car accidents, slips (26%), fall accidents, wrongful death, and medical and nursing home negligence. A challenge for plaintiffs in cases like this is that judges and juries are often more skeptical of psychological injuries than of injuries such as broken bones and cuts that they can see on x-rays or photographs.

When an injured person is unable to work, either because of physical limitations or because of emotional trauma caused by the accident, any loss of income is a component of compensable personal injury. When a personal injury claim includes serious harm and extensive medical treatment, it's not uncommon for the claimant to temporarily or permanently lose the ability to return to work. However, an injured person has the right to present evidence of how their injury affects their broader professional prospects. Some examples will help illustrate how complex it can be to estimate how much earning capacity a person has lost because of an injury.

Brent Eames has been recognized as one of the best Chicago personal injury attorneys, who will help people get the right compensation and medical assistance after suffering an injury. But as with all other types of damages, if a personal injury settlement is not reached, the injured person's loss of income (both past and future) must be demonstrated with a preponderance of evidence if the case goes to trial. For example, if the person works as a taxi driver or driver for Uber or Lyft, and their vehicle is damaged in a car accident caused by another party, that person will not be able to generate any income until their vehicle is repaired. However, current decreases in value are often offset by evidence of how a person's injuries impair their professional progress and prevent them from receiving as many raises or promotions as they would otherwise receive.

Bernstein prides himself on achieving outstanding results for his clients and is personally involved in every case and ensures that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Although the motorcyclist is physically able to return to work, her closed head injury has caused traumatic emotional injuries that prevent her from functioning in her workplace. The Eames Law Group is an experienced law firm that guides people who have suffered serious personal injuries. If a personal injury lawsuit reaches the trial phase, these issues can be challenged by the at-fault party's witnesses and will ultimately be decided by the judge or jury.